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Pizzeria Ristorante Corleone (Anděl) Praha

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Pizzeria Ristorante Corleone (Anděl)
Na Bělidle 42, Praha 5 Smíchov
Pizza od:   105 Kč (ø 30 cm)
Rozvoz jídla
Po-Ne 12:00-21:00
Telefonní číslo
251 511 244
Máte hlad? Nabízíme vynikající pokrmy tradiční italské kuchyně připravované s maximální péčí. Vybrat si můžete z pestré nabídky sahající od předkrmů, přes obvyklé i méně známé druhy pizzy až k minutkám, salátům a zákuskům. Všechny provozovny - Prosek, Anděl, Pankrác.

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Rozvážíme po Praze 1 - Praze 6. Při objednávce více než jednoho jídla je rozvoz ZDARMA, jinak 40 kč.

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One of my favourite places in Andel!

Jakub Q.
Good 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

Tony T.
Good pizza there

Pony M.
Beautifull girls, nice servis, goood food ....only need some patience, cuz they have really busy during the whole day :)

Vuk M.
2 years after my last visit, my thoughts haven't changed. "Nothing special about the place. I've only ever tried the pizza, and that was not bad, but not great either. Prices are ok". Nice location.

Jose Lorenzo C.
Octopus and beef filet

Sarah R.
Biggest pizza I've ever seen!

Žaneta S.
Very slow service, average food but higher prices. Typical czech 'italian' 😒

Jana A. Kri
Very nice interior, delicious meals. The bummer is that the non-smoking part is in the basement - much less comfortable and convenient. Service is either hit or miss.

Oleksandr Z.
Nice, trendy Italian restaurant

Signe B.
Very good pizza and friendly staff.

Andrey S.
One on the best izzaz in Town

Roman T.
Good pizza and tomato soup...

Vuk M.
Nothing special about the place. I've only ever tried the pizza, and that was not bad, but not great either. Prices are ok, and my friend said the pasta was ok as well.

Good prices, tasty pasta

Jiří .
Horrible service - arrogant, careless, mean. Average food.

Irma A.
Vegetarian "Risotto with Mushrooms" wasn't very good - jasmine rice and no sauce.

Nika P.
My favourite italian restaurant in Prague. Everything is good

Mario V.
Great food , quick service and smoking area

Brian P.
Ask for Teresa to be your server. Very cool, friendly and funny. Great service too.

Very good pizza, unfortunately rest of the food is ussually dissapointing

Dee S.
Not sure what happened with the kitchen but pizza was gross with tomato pure on top instead of sauce, was returned yet still charged full prize...shame of Czech gastronomy...with an arrogant waitress

Veronika H.
Good food, bad service.

Jan J.
Testoviny horsi podprumer. Jist to slo, dokud jsem misto parmezanu neokusil zatuchlej eidam. Na to nejak nejsem u testovin za 165,- zvyklej. Avoid pasta! Eat pizza here if anything.

Evino S.
This place is among pizzerias in Prague which were chosen to be a part of the first-ever poll for the best pizza in Prague. Try it and vote!

Soňa H.
Perfect pizza.thin and tasty. Best i've had in Prague.

Bad food, terrible service. They let you stare into your empty plate for 20 minutes before they take it away. Don´t go there!

Olaf S.
Great Food , Good prices , nice atmosphere !

Zdena G.
The pizza is good and I like it here, but service is typically slow and they turn down requests fir tap water eith the explanation that the management forbade it.

Radek S.
Katastrofalni obsluha. Horrible service.