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Donner Kebab a pizza Can Bey
Ječná 15, Praha 2
Pizza od:   80 Kč (ø 32 cm)
Rozvoz jídla
Po-Pá 10:00-22:30
So-Ne 11:00-21:00
Telefonní číslo
Objednávky pouze online
Tureckou pizzu, výborný kebab ale také i hamburgery si můžete objednat online a nechat dovést až domů. Vybírejte si z nabídky samých chutných dobrot a zpestřete si jídelníček. Dneska vařit nemusíte, jídlo je levné a kurýr Vám objednané jídlo do hodiny doveze přímo před dveře. Dobrou chuť!

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Cena rozvozu 49 Kč
Doručení do 60 minut

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Donner Kebab a pizza Can Bey - tipy, hodnocení, recenze restaurace

Matt S.
If you live that #KebabLife🥙™️ you know Can Bey like no other. ✌🏻

Patrick T.
100% The best kebab in Prague. Highly recommend. 11/10

Great food, generous portions, nice seating downstairs

Miroslav N.
Very delicious!

The best kebab on Prague 1

Václav K.
Not only #1 kebabs... I am simply in love with their falafel, too! Every time, I had to decide what to order... not an easy task, especially when hungry!

Martin .
Very good Kebab, I think best kebab I ever had. Strongly recommend. By the way really good for hangover.

Albert S.
Best kebab in Prague, although they do not accept cards. Still a kebab must go!

Alina M.
Amazing doner kebab!

Majka K.
Definitely the best kebab in Prague. Many tasty sauces to choose from, fresh vegitables and above all the the combination of meat.

Me and my gf got sick from their food :/ We had donner kebab yesterday around 7pm. I also ate what she left and my stomach hurts pretty bad.

Bogo S.
Classic kebab. The best in town. No kidding.

Matěj T.
Definitely best kebab in Prague! Love it! Been many times here, always fantastic :))

Kuba V.
The best döner in Prague! And to be honest, even better than most kebabs in Turkey.

Martin P.
kebabs and durums go best together with ayran, sauces can also be mixed. durums are less messy to eat :)

Alok S.
Me and the wife both got sick after consuming their food late at night :(

Vladka V.
Very good kebab but his price went up by 10 crowns. Wow EET.

Tomáš D.
It's really the best kebab place in Prague. Cheap too! The only con is the closing hour - 23:00.

Jacob A.
Really good food and fast service

Matyáš N.
Best fuckin kebab

Their kebab is huge and spicy. One of the best kebabs ever.

Tereza B.
Durum with curry and yogurt

Jiri V.
Standard kebab shop, low in price but extremely large portion

Honza N.
Take extra chillies. Best kebab in area.

The best place to have kebab in Prague!

Daniel N.
Best kebab in Czech republic

Mustafa F.
The taste is really really good and relatively cheaper than other kebab restaurants. There is free wi-fi and also alcholol. However they do not accept credit card.

Khaled E.
The doner kebab is very good! Excellent value as well.

Jan V.
Simply the best kebab in town...

Reyna C.
Best kebab in Prague :)